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Who we are


Manuel Martinez de Caso

My journey in the world of dance started in 1998, with ballroom dancing, very quickly I became acquainted with tango and with those people who immediately became very important in my life, such as Marta Negrin and Manuel Rosales, my first teachers of tango.

In continuation of this, I got seriously involved in sports competitions of dance in order to devote myself to tango few years later. There I found  the form of social life and the opportunities for self-development and my own school, which is now becoming a reality.    I will not go into details ron how teaching is done or how it was born on the shores of the Rio de Plata, about this there is already been  said and written too much, lets just say that I am trying to teach what I was taught one time.

My basic knowledge, to date, I have received thanks to the teachers, one of the best in Spain, whose school was founded more than 20 years ago - Marta and Manuel. Then I had the privilege over the years to work with the organizers of one of the most important in the world of international events, the Tango Festival in Granada, and its founder Horacio Rebora (many know him by the name Tato).
This work allows me to get a terrific opportunity to meet in person and learn from many maestros of world renown, such as Juan Carlos Copes, Miguel Angel Zotto or so early left us Osvaldo Zotto.

Here I call the most famous names, maestros de maestros, and there were many others with whom I have been able to make friends and maintain a personal touch in Granada, and during my trips to Buenos Aires. In Spain I played on stage a lot by participating in private and public performances, collaborating, for example, with the Town Hall of Granada, danced in the theater of Isabel the Catholic, and in the theater of Manuel de Falla in the Alhambra, as well as in countless shows in the province of Granada, double-out in the final of the European championship in tango.

As an assistant to Manuel Rosales, I participated in the courses of tango at the University of Granada, and in reporting the speeches at the opening and completion of these courses. With the support of the Committee for Culture of  the City Hall of Granada, now in its sixth year, a weekly milonga on the Paseo del Salon La Glorieta, which combines dance and urban audiences.

I developed  several specialized courses of tango therapy for older people, and for a group of women who have experienced domestic violence, on behalf of the Government of Andalusia.
Both courses were completed with great success, and I hope to repeat again this teaching experience in Marbella, where we now operate. As a teacher, I see my task to give my students the necessary equipment in order to successfully and happily dance in the milongas anywhere in the world.

Maria Eliseeva

As a child I received a classical musical education in Moscow, but I always liked to dance more than to play the piano. However, I was able to take dancing seriously only when I was 33 years old, when I started to learn to dance flamenco in Moscow.

When I came to live in Marbella in 2005, my addiction has miraculously changed - I started taking my tango classes with my first  teacher Graciela Heredia. Then I learned a lot under the leadership of Gaston Godoy from Seville.During my three visits to Buenos Aires, I continued my training with a variety of Argentinian teachers, especially with Jorge Firpo, who taught me how to greatly excel in my favorite dance- milonga.

From the early start it was clear that I really enjoy social dancing, and that is why it is essential to learn to dance as much as possible! During numerous tango festivals throughout Europe where I came, I had to learn from such famous teachers such as Alejandra Mantiñan, Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, Claudia Codega and Esteban Moreno, and Luna Palacios.

Since 2015, I am assisting Manuel Martinez on his tango lessons. This is a complex and a very interesting whole new way for me in tango.
In this way, I'm still just a beginner...